UK’s leading community energy firm.
Helping communities set up, fund, launch and run renewable energy projects

Mongoose Energy is a co-operative company whose goal is to change the nature of energy ownership, generation and supply. We work with community groups, commercial developers and investors to identify, develop, finance, build and manage community owned, clean energy projects.

Project development

Mongoose is a spin-off of BWCE. Since 2010 our team has led the way in conceiving, running and delivering community energy projects. We have the skills to work with our members in taking a project from inception to completion.

Community partners

We work with community energy groups around the United Kingdom to bring about clean energy installations: solar, hydro, wind and biogas. We welcome new and existing groups who would like to join us.

Current share offers

Interested in a good investment opportunity that supports the renewable energy and co-operative movements? Click here to see which of our member community groups has an active fund raise for their public share offers.

Join the community power revolution!

From wind and solar to biogas and hydro there are thousands of community power projects popping around the world. In the UK alone there are over 5,000 community-owned renewable projects and the number is growing.
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